twenty art statements

This was an assignment for a sculpture class - "write 20 art statements." It was a lot harder than i anticipated and essentially became a list of all the important things I've learned about art at this school, some of which I'm still (and might always be) in the process of learning. 
  1. art assigns objecthood to moment and material weight to sensation
  2. it's important to do art beautifully, not for the sake of beauty itself but as a tool that makes ideas both workable and interesting
  3. constructive discontent is critical to developing an consciousness of creative methodology
  4. all deliberate change first comes from denying the logic that most gives you comfort
  5. art is a completely socially determinable product
  6. art objects take on more meaning than the sum of their parts 
  7. the experience of the maker doesn't dictate or determine the experience of the viewer
  8. the experience of the viewer doesn't dictate or determine the experience of the maker
  9. it's okay for art to be a record of a process instead of a means to an end
  10. intentionality is critical, even if it takes the form of intentional unintentionally
  11. be responsive to the moments in which one thing becomes about something else
  12. art is essentially, in purpose, to recreate moments in time that cannot in any other manner be communicated
  14. treat the unsystematic systematically, and the systematic unsystematically
  15. art is a prior mental or physical event for which the work now serves as a testimony that it occurred
  16. it is sometimes accomplishing emotional affect solely by means of the isolated portrayal of a super-personal emotional state, idea or concept
  17. transgression of structure always results in the construction of new structures
  18. always be critical and aware of what's implicit
  19. art isn't democratic. it isn't for the people
  20. sometimes art is only for the people

*this one in particular applies to graphic design as well, in absolute severity. 

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